Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know the company I hire is reputable and has experience?

Do your research! Just ask! References should be available to you. Any contractor who is honest, knowledgeable, and reliable will have previous customers who will speak to you, or they should be able to provide you with valid letters of reference. If your contractor claims to have years of experience, is he old enough to stand behind those years of experience?

We’ve cornered the market, with over 40 years in the business earning the title of “Ontario’s #1 Pool Demolition and Fill-In Specialists”!! Who else can say that?

How do I know the fill used in my yard is not contaminated?

We’ve been identified as one of “Canada’s Top Environmentally Conscious Companies”. We’ve invested in the most reliable and environmentally friendly equipment that is currently offered on today’s market. The fill material we use is highly engineerable, and is excavated from Ontario’s aggregate suppliers. The material is run through many processes of washing and screening, then stock-piled. Since our material is excavated from virgin land, and in some cases can be excavated from 50 to 200ft. below the existing grade, it leaves no doubt that it is contaminate-free. This fill is also used on new homes for back-fill by some of Ontario’s largest developers and builders.

What if I want my pool removed, and new landscaping or additional work done instead of just sod placement? Do I have to call someone else?

NO! We do it all! Why pay more workers to come after we leave? We have two sister companies:

Fulline Landscaping: We have a landscaping division with certified and skilled personnel, that look after both the designing (CAD), and building of: walkways, inter-lok, decks, fences, patios, tree and garden designing and services, year-round property maintenance services, and so much more.

LDS Bobcat Services: We have a heavy-machinery division, with a vast array of equipment at our disposal for various projects. From 1 ton machinery to 10 tons, we do small excavations, close-quarter/specialty, foundations and roofs, windows and doors, additions and renovations, we have a vast network of trades-people such as HVAC, Electricians, Plumbers, Framers, and Construction people with the knowledge to design, fix, and bring your visions to life.

Filling in my pool is not a small investment. What are my different payment options?

We have a variety of payment options:

Certified cheques
Bank Drafts

Remember, having your swimming pool removed is a big investment, not bargain shopping! We can’t promise you the lowest price, but we do promise quality, experience, and workmanship. You get what you pay for!

Isn't there a lot of garbage from removing a pool? What happens to that?

TPFIP tries to do our part reducing our carbon footprint by sorting and recycling all material(s) extracted from pool demolition sites. We ensure that demolition material will go to the appropriate facilities. All disposal fees are included in our quotes.

Do you sell used pool equipment?

YES! Many pieces and/or parts are put back into service for re-use. We have a wide variety of used pool equipment for current pool owners who wish to buy. Contact one of our representatives for your required parts, and we’ll get back to you shortly. contact us to place your order.

Any other questions, or to retain your personal quotation for services, just contact us by filling in the request for contact form, or call us at 905-852-2545.

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